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International Microalgae And Biofuels Workshop

Fortaleza/CE, 02 a 05 /08 /2010

Av. Beira Mar, 2380 - Fortaleza, CE

In the last decades many laboratories and companies worldwide have demonstrated the microalgae potential for energetic and non-energetic applications. Traditionally, microalgae have been used for food, feed and pharmaceutical purposes since the war time. However, very recently great effort has been devoted to combine CO2 mitigation with microalgae cultivation for the production of biofuels (biodiesel, ethanol, biogas, hydrogen and methanol). In this context it is important to mention the microalgae potential for the municipal wastewater treatment. Research results indicate that many types of microalgae are now available to the production of biofuels using different types of aquatic medium and different reactors design, such as, ponds, race way, and photobioreactors.  So, the scientific and technical literature indicates a large numbers of applications, which are now under modeling analysis and study in order to evaluate the feasibility of the system size, materials, energetic and economic balances. Taking this scenario into consideration, the Scientific Committee of the International Microalgae and Biofuels Workshop designed to analyze the microalgae “production – chain” in order to raise the state of art of the main technologies used for the microalgae cultivation and processing aiming at the production of different types of end-products and byproducts. In this sense, all invited speakers and companies are most welcome and a special acknowledgment is addressed for their contribution, experience and results, which offer to the Brazilian Scientific and Industrial sectors, important suggestions related to the large number of applications of this biological resource. In particular, the Scientific Committee is extremely grateful to all sponsors and especially to the Government of the State of Ceara for their incentive and support which intends to make possible the use of the excellent natural conditions for the development of an algal business in this region. Certainly the State of Ceara has potential for the development of a new agriculture frontier related to microalgae uses in Brazil. Finally, the Scientific Committee in association with the Academia Cearense de Química – ACQ, Conselho Federal de Química - CFQ and Brazilian School of Green Chemistry - BSGC desires to express their gratitude to UNESCO and IUPAC through our effort to make possible this event as part of the Brazilian celebration for the International year of Chemistry (2011).
Professor Dr. José Osvaldo Beserra Carioca
Workshop Chairman
Member of the Academia Cearense de Química
President of CENEA

Main Purposes:
  • To raise the state of art of the microalgae cultivation and processing systems; 
  • To raise the state of art of the separations and drying equipments to isolate the algal biomass from their  cultivation systems;
  • To raise the state of art of the main applications processes and its economic aspects, as well as their potential to reach the market, especially those processes related with the production of active principles for pharmaceutical use; food and feed applications; vegetable oils production; as well as biofuels (biodiesel, ethanol, biogas, hydrogen).
  • To supply suggestions and subsidies for the establishment of public policies aiming at the scientific and technological development to support industrial activities in Brazil.
  • To enhance the cooperation between Universities and Companies.
  • To promote the scientific and technological development related with the use of green technologies concepts.
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